Wednesday, August 31, 2011

photo much (2nd day)

top- THRIFTED i fell in love with this top the moment i saw it. its feminine and strong at the same time.
pants- MEMO c/of my "ate" (older sister)
shoes- PARISIAN this pair is very comfortable (key to every shoe i own)

bag is a genuine leather. i've been using this for the past few weeks, and because it is so HEAVY papaP hated it so much..

at yey, after 2 days nang pag kre-crave ko sa cake, jos ko! napagbigyan din.

Red Ribbon 

 eto na nangangapit bahay na :))

i ordered coffee crumble & chocolate fudge for dessert  :D 

my dinner is salisbury steak (na burger lang naman) hehe

at kay papaP is lasagna

is so happe & busog.

ps: will practice my FIERCE look. para karir!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


the weather was really nice

 I wore a very comfortable, laid-back outfit today for work. I'm pretty sure it would look lovely with some  killer heels but it suited my personal style much more to wear it in a simple way.

double chin, why not hide?!? :| :))

meet my awesome thrift top! (and oh yes its only thrifted) 
1. pants-supre 
2. shoes- parisian (im a super-fan)

not your boring bun

this is me being bored while waiting for papaP

say hi to my no make up face :p
stay safe and dry!



but when i wear it kinda creeps me out :(((

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday morning :)

national bookstore- P61.25 

 borrowed from my lil sister :)

borrowed from my lil sister also :p

ps: will post the outcome soon :D

bonding with my girls

we spent 9 hours in my "suki" parlor. 
mahirap at magastos magpaganda :))
thanks to "ate ganda" for doing an amazing job with my hair (at kay jela din)

then we watched :)

check out Jela's new hair! 

oh hello peace sign (?! promised not to do this again but err) & mega pout. SO WAGAS!

birthday present for my lil sister

Friday, August 26, 2011

present for my tita Emy

I bought this bracelet for my aunt today, I absolutely love this one because I am sure this will never go out of style. This is kinda expensive so i think this is a real deal and really hope she will like it, so wut chu think?

Saturday, August 13, 2011


my diy feather earring

feathers- national bookstore 

will now accept orders.. nahh just kiddin :p

ps: new Lipstick- Jazzy (James Cooper make up line)
price: P399.00

I regret buying this one. It doesn't feel nice on my lips,  I have to apply it again and again just to get the color that i want. (it doesn't even looks good on me haha!)